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Does Hydro Jetting Work on Roots?

Pipe clogged with an ingress of roots

Did you also know that the roots of your beautiful trees can also clog or damage your pipes? Your family’s life comes to a halt when your sewer line gets damaged. It can cost hundreds of dollars to have the lines cleared or replaced and thousands of dollars to have them dug up. Hydro jetting can effectively remove clogs, but can it also work on roots?

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Can Hydro Jetting Ruin PVC Pipe?

PVC pipe

One of the standard issues regularly faced by homeowners is clogged drains and pipes in their house. Calling a plumber to snake the drain and clear whatever is holding up the works is the typical fix for a problem like this. However, a newer process called hydro jetting (or water jetting), is quickly becoming the fastest and easiest way to clear home plumbing clogs and keep pipes clear longer.

Like a pressure washer for drains, hydro jetting uses focused jets of water to clean debris and buildup – even roots – out of drains and pipes. But, having 1500 to 4000 pounds per square inch (psi) of water used in your pipes might make you wonder if it is safe for your plumbing. (For comparison, the water from a typical garden hose has a psi of 40-60.) Read on to learn more about hydro jetting and how it affects pipes.

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How Much Does It Cost to Hydrojet a Sewer Line?

camera viewing a sewer line

Your toilets aren’t flushing correctly and more than one of your drains is clogged, causing water to back up into others. If this describes the situation in your home’s plumbing, your problem is most likely a clogged main sewer line. When you’re trying to get rid of a blockage like this one, you may assume it’s time to snake your drains. In this situation, however, hydro jetting is a solution that will deliver more effective results.

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What Is Hydrojet Plumbing?

What is hydrojet plumbing?

Clogged pipes are a hassle that no homeowner wants to deal with. If you’re suffering from a clogged or blocked pipe, hydro jet plumbing might be your best solution.

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Do I Need a Permit to Change a Hot Water Heater in Nevada?

Do I Need a Permit to Change a Hot Water Heater in Nevada?

The average life of a hot water heater is just 12 years. If you’re a homeowner you can expect to install a hot water heater at least once and possibly several times depending on the length of time you own the home. If you are reading this because your hot water heater is knocking, banging, and creaking, you already know you need to replace it. By the end of this article your questions about permits will be answered, and you’ll be ready to begin the process.

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Is Las Vegas Tap Water Drinkable?

Is Las Vegas tap water drinkable?

In the Las Vegas heat, there are few things the residents of this city look forward to more than a long, cool drink of water. Many people choose bottled over tap water, but it can be expensive. In addition, the Mayo Clinic states bottled water and tap water are comparable in terms of health, with one having no health benefits above the other. If you’ve ever wondered if you can just save your money and drink water straight out of your tap, this article will help you determine the answer to that question.

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Are Water Heater Straps Required in Nevada?

Are water heater straps required in Nevada?

As a homeowner in the Silver State, you are responsible for following all local codes when you’re installing new plumbing fixtures like a hot water heater. You may have heard about water heater straps, but you aren’t sure if they’re actually necessary. Below, we’ll expand on what these straps do and whether or not they are required in the state of Nevada.

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7 Warning Signs That Your Water is Too Hard

7 warning signs that your water is too hard

It’s not something we usually think about, but hard water can wreak havoc on your pipes, clothing and appliances. The high mineral content in hard water can make your skin to feel dry, your tap water taste funny, and can quickly form buildups in your shower. If you think you might have a hard water problem, there are some tell-tale signs to look for so you can finally deal with it. [Read more…]

Does Las Vegas Have Hard Water (and Should You Worry)?

Does Las Vegas Have Hard Water?

One thing every homeowner needs to be concerned about is whether or not your city has hard water. Hard water is more than a nuisance: it’s a costly problem that can cause serious damage to your plumbing, your appliances, and even your skin. If you’ve been wondering whether or not hard water lies at the center of issues you’ve been experiencing as a Las Vegas homeowner, you need to read this article right away. It may change everything you thought you knew about the water you’re using. [Read more…]

What Is a Slab Leak, and How Bad Is It?

what is a slab leak, and how bad is it?

Sometimes being a homeowner throws you a few curve balls, especially with your plumbing system. You think your plumbing is fine, but you’ve recently noticed an uptick in your usually low water bill. You can’t find any leaks under the sink or in the walls. So where is this leak exactly? Well, if your home, like many homes in Las Vegas, sits on a concrete slab for a foundation, you may have something called a slab leak. Diagnosing and fixing slab leaks is a relatively simple process that can be completed by a competent plumber. [Read more…]