Do you have a Leak?

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Mold and mildew will begin to grow in your home or building, which can impact the health and safety of everyone who resides there. Excessive water damage can cause foundation damage and even impact the structural integrity of your building.

Common Reasons For A Leak:

Corrosion of pipe material

Cracks in fixtures

Damage to pipe joints

Untreated drain clogs

Burst Pipes

Cracked fixture seals

Poor pipe installation

Broken pipe connections

A sudden spike in your water usage is usually a good indicator that you have a leak somewhere, and you should have it addressed as soon as possible by working with a leak detection service such as Plumbing Kings.

State of The Art Leak Detection Equipment

Electronic leak equipment is the best way to determine the source of your leak quickly and accurately. Our plumbing technicians work with professional leak detection equipment, such as electromagnetic pipeline locators and electronic amplification equipment, that allows them to find the exact location of a leak. We may also use infrared cameras, which are able to take close-up pictures of your pipes to better assist in finding those hidden leaks. Once the leak has been identified, you can rely on our highly trained technicians for a prompt repair.

​Proud Leak Repair Company Near You

Plumbing Kings offers affordable leak detection services to homeowners and businesses across the Greater Las Vegas Valley. Our skilled technicians have the experience to resolve your plumbing concerns with minimal disruption. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, so we make a point to arrive on time, address plumbing concerns quickly, and clean up our work area once the job is complete.  

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