Concerned About Your Home’s Water Quality?

Protect your household from hard water. 

Las Vegas Valley Water District categorizes its water as “very hard.” While nontoxic, this type of mineral-rich water can adversely affect your appliances, plumbing system, and your family’s well-being.

Common signs that the water in your home is too hard:


Mineral Buildup Around Water Fixtures

As the dissolved minerals from Las Vegas’s hard water flow through your pipes, they stick to surfaces and build up over time. What starts off as unsightly marks and deposits in your water fixtures will eventually become a serious problem that will restrict the flow of water. Replacing faucets and showerheads can be costly.


Soap Scum on Bathtub, Curtain, or Doors

If you’re caught in a never-ending battle against the buildup of soap scum, your true enemy is hard water. Soap scum is more than just residue left behind from your soap; it’s that residue mixed with the minerals in your hard water. If you want to win the fight against this buildup, you’ll need to attack your hard water issue straight at the source.

Water Heater Elements Fail and Short Heater Life

The loud, banging noises your hot water heater makes are most likely the result of hard water calcium deposit buildup, which can cause water heater elements to fail. It is recommended that you flush your water heater out every three months.


Dry, Itchy Skin

Don’t assume the harsh desert elements are the sole issue: the hard water in Las Vegas is also a major contributing factor. The minerals in hard water can clog your pores, because it leaves the same white soap scum residue on your skin that it leaves on your bathroom fixtures. The damage hard water does to your skin can actually make you look older, because they contain free radicals that strip you of the natural oils your body needs to produce.


Dull Scratchy Clothing

Dull, dingy clothes are not necessarily the natural result of wear and tear over time. Do your clothes look yellow? When you take them out of the dryer, do they seem like they aren’t fully clean? If your clothing is wearing out quickly and it feels scratchy instead of soft, hard water may be the culprit.


Spots on Dishes, Flatware, and Glasses

Do you have spots on your glasses and dishes? Just as hard water leaves a film on your clothing, skin, and plumbing, it leaves it on your dishes as well because the minerals stick to them. Are there red and black stains in your dishwasher? When hard water contains enough iron and manganese, it can cause the water to have a reddish or dark tint that leaves stains on the inside of the dishwasher and on your dishes.

Hard water is an issue that many homeowners are dealing with in the Las Vegas Valley. Consisting of excess minerals and other compounds, hard water can have a negative impact on your appliances, plumbing system, and your skin and hair. A water softener and filtration system can remove these extra particles and give you access to softer water to use in your daily life.

Whole-House Water Filtration Systems

At Plumbing Kings, we install all types of water filtration systems, including salt systems and reverse osmosis systems. A whole-home water filtration system is essential to avoid the adverse effects of hard water. A filtration system removes up to 99% of contaminants, giving you softer, better-tasting water that you can feel safe ingesting. Plumbing Kings can help you select the right water filtration system for your home and install it for you promptly so that you can begin reaping the benefits of clean and clear water.

Top benefits of using a water filtration system include:

  • A clean, high-quality water supply of your own
  • Removal of calcium, magnesium, and other particles
  • More neutral taste than unfiltered water
  • Purer water for drinking and cooking
  • Low energy usage
  • Easy maintenance 
  • More eco-friendly than bottled water
  • Less expensive than bottled water

Whole-House Water Softener Systems

The Las Vegas area is known to have some of the hardest water in the country, leaving many residents to seek alternative water softening solutions. A water softener removes the minerals that cause hard water and scale buildup on your appliances. At Plumbing Kings, we install, service, and repair water softeners for homeowners across the Valley. We think you’ll love all the benefits that a quality water softener has to offer.

When you add a water softener to your home, you’ll experience:

  • Softer skin
  • Softer hair
  • Longer-lasting appliances
  • Cleaner dishes and clothes
  • Money savings

Our Professional Plumbers Are Equipped to Install Any Water Filtration System

When you want to add a water softener or filtration system to your home, you may find that the process is a little more complicated than you’re equipped to handle on your own. Our plumbers are highly trained in water filtration systems and can have it installed for you professionally. We’ll make sure it’s offering the maximum benefit to your home. Our company is committed to providing the best service possible at competitive rates. To learn more about the benefits of water filtration systems or to begin enjoying cleaner water, contact Plumbing Kings of Las Vegas today!

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